Friday, April 9, 2010

Q&A with LatinaBeatz

I have a special treat for everybody!
Ladies and Gentlemen, Achs, Achowths, Friends and Enemies... I am pleased to bring to you a Q&A session I had the privilege of having with LatinaBeatz. I caught up with her today and was pleased at how kind she was about the interview coming up on short notice. For those of you who have been sleeping under a rock. LatinaBeatz is a North East L.A. raised Promoter/Publicist for the most AUTHENTIC Hip Hoppers of today! Let's get right to it!

Q: Who are you and what do you do for those who have been sleeping on you?

A: I go by LatinaBeatz, I do not make music. I am a Hip Hop Publicist, I do Artist Management & Consultant work, I also have Promotion and Marketing Services

Q: Could you tell us about some of your clients and how your work influences Hip Hop as a whole?

A: I work for Psycho Realm, Immortal Technique, Chino XL, DJ Khalil & his group The New Royales, Diabolic, Danny Diablo and Eric Bobo to name a Few. My contribution to Hip Hop is that I compliment by using my huge following and networks to keep the Culture Alive, if I'm not spreading the talent of Real Hip Hop, I am often showcasing all the Hip Hop shows that go around in the world, It's very important to keep the definition of Hip Hop alive.

Q: Seems like you got a LOT on your shoulders, how does the current situation in hip hop (i.e. all these young cats using hip hop as a hustle before Art) effect what you do, is it harder?

A: Labels is what makes it harder, Mainstream uses the word Hip Hop to Label everything with a "catchy" hook or a Black guy in baggy clothes. It's annoying but makes me work harder to let people know the difference between Hip Hop and Hip POP. To be labeled Hip Hop is a privilege, not a right

Q: I, indeed, can identify with your answer, I notice a lot of cats calling Hip Pop, Hip Hop. Some even go as hard as to say that Rakim and Nas could never outrap a Lil Wayne or a Lil Scrappy... How do you honestly feel about this labeling, does it seem like something went wrong?

A: It happens in everything, like with the Rock Scene, Punk Scene and even the Blue Grass scene, FM Radio and these huge music Labels need to make their "Artists" versatile with their mind numbing music

Q: What are some influences that got you into Hip Hop, how did you fall in love with the art?

A: I fell in love with the music, the education of Hip Hop. I was raised in the middle of the 90's so, I got the end of the "Golden Era": Krs-1, Wu-Tang, Rakim, etc... They used words in a way that to me- as a writer, made me want to spread this music to the masses. As I got older and was given an oppurtunity to utilize my talent and job in the scene I sought out other artists who are now doing the same, injecting education in their music.

Q: What would you tell somebody who wanted to do what you do on a consistent and successful basis?

A: For one, know your industry. Get yourself aquaninted with who does what and why. Being a Female I would advise all other Females not to date anyone in the scene. There are enough Groupies. My name is clean because I am about my business. This has to be your passion first and foremost, leave the popularity and star struck behaviors at home. Be creative and remember to help the scene for the greater cause, not the selfish cause.

Q: Now there is an answer I have nothing but respect for, which brings me to the next question. How do you feel about females like Kat Stacks, who, is currently using videos and blogs to influence other females to do the same thing she did to get her name out there. What would you like EVERY female to know about Self Respect? (my site centers around Revolution and Authentic Hip Hop, Science is always taken and broken down)

A: I believe you teach people how to treat you. My name is clean because I demand respect. I am about my business, I work for the illest in Hip Hop, they trust me with their careers and rep. Groupies dont get that love because they keep their legs open. If you don't have self respect before you get in the scene, you won't have it after. I'm mad cool with my clients but I do not party or interact with them in any manner that crosses the boundaries.

Q: Some real quick Q's before I let you go, are there any upcoming projects from your clients we should look out for? What is today's mind set? and where do you see this industry in 5 - 10 years?

A: Project wise, Immortal Technique is working on a new album, Psycho Realm is in the studio right now working on another group titled album, which is a big deal. Diabolic just released "Liar & a Thief" this week. I work with tons of underground artists trying to make it, I suggest if you want to hear new artist to check out my website .
For the 2nd part of your question:
love what I do, I am dabbling in the Modeling world, Im in a Male dominated insutry so having Gorgeous Females fits. I also plan to publish a couple books and really bring the Hip Hop community into my other passions as an Animal and Human/Planet rights activist.

Q: That's what's up! I can dig it all! Any closing words?

A: I want to thank YOU for allowing me to share my experiences and opinions. We need more people like yourself and your blog to help the culture survive and give people a understanding from different perspectives in the industry.
(I have promo and publicist services for music and business, if they come to me and say you refered them or saw it on your site, I'll give you a cut or a free service for yourself =) )

So ya'll heard it right! If you guys need any work done for your Publicity and promotion and marketing, DO NOT hesitate to get at LatinaBeatz about her services:,,


  1. Excellent interview! latinabeatz is my hero! Carry that torch for hip-hop. I'm so happy to see level headed people like yourselves putting great messages out.
    You both rule!

  2. Thanks for the Love and for reaching out with a comment, IT IS ALWAYS APPRECIATED HERE. I checked out your tracks on your Myspace page. That Shook track has some SICK WORDPLAY. shoot me an email, I'd like to let the world know about what you are doing 2uantum. I dig it!

    PEACE after the WAR

  3. lol did you guys really interview this bimbo? i used to see this broad at shows pretending to be important. bitch is a joke. lmao @ "my huge following". chick lives on her own planet clueless about reality on earth.