Wednesday, April 28, 2010

R.I.P. Guru 7/17/1961 - 4/19/2010

Hip Hop, is in mourning with the lost of Rap Legend, Guru.
Guru was a Pillar in The Hip Hop Community and will forever be missed!
In memoriam, I highly recommend you go out and buy Jazzmatazz VOL. I- IV... All four of them are DOPE CLASSICS!!! Blast a Guru or Gangstarr joint WHERE EVER YOU GO!!!

Guru may be gone but he will NEVER be forgotten...

Tons of tribute songs, mixtapes, speeches and everything in between has been dedicated to the fallen Star and we will continue to see more rise up. I know tons of youngsters are sitting at home, saying, "who the fuck is Guru" WOE BE UPON YOU! How can you call yourself an inspiring Rap Artist without knowledge of those who laid the blueprint BEFORE YOU.  Most of you were still semen when Guru rocked a Mic and shared a stage with his fellow comrades Solar and DJ Premier.

The Boom Bap will beat for you Guru!
but when you take away the beat, ALL THERE IS, IS THE VOICE!!


Thursday, April 15, 2010

What it means to be a Builder

We hit the streets the other day!
me and my business partner, Rob, hit up the mall and other stops to pass out flyers to promote the site, it was a beautiful day in Chicago and the energy was high.
The Code Of The Builders is being built as we speak!
We are laying out a Code for what it means to be a Builder (in both The Hip Hop Builders Group and The Hip Hop Dungeon)

For me, being a builder means that I have the duty of teaching the next man and uplifting the minds of the children of the world.

It is my sincere duty to do the work of the people. Here, in The Hip Hop Dungeon we influence you to build -AKA speak your mind and add on to the cypher/discussion and topics we present.
Hip Hop is a culture and a lifestyle that is expressed through various mediums and outlets and takes form in ALL known facets of our lives.
Hip Hop is the soundtrack to the Revolution just as Gospel leads the Churches and Rock N Roll and others are the voices of their crowds. Common knowledge.

What ISN'T common knowledge in the common form of these outlets is the Art and Dedication that goes behind them. I uppercase Art and Dedication, because they are no longer just words or titles, these are now living breathing things, entities.

What validates my opinions? NOTHING, just as nothing is in existence that can facilitate yours. The sanctity of evidence and all needed proof is within the kingdom of the heart. In the heart is the only place where science knows it's existence. If you have done your knowledge you would, too, know that The Heart is where thought originates, not the brain. The Brain is nothing more than a transducer of energy.

I studied the words, teachings, blessings and essence of:
Malcolm X
Fred Hampton
Fred Hampton Jr.
Huey P. Newton
Assata Shakur
Tupac Amaru Shakur
Fredrick Douglas
Martin Luther King Jr.
Eldridge Cleaver
Chairman Omali Yeshitela
The Black Dot
Professor Griff
Dead Prez (M1 & Stic.Man)
Mumia Abu Jamal
Immortal Technique
Ashida Kim
Sun Tzu
Lao Tzu
The Royal Bloodlines
The Ancient Mayans
among a whole list of others...

I listed some of the influences of our philosophy so you can get an idea of what is to follow in the coming hours and seasons.


PEACE after the WAR


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wise Intelligent - The Globe holderz

Time to LEARN something!


Saturday, April 10, 2010


Talib Kweli – Quality (ALBUM REVIEW)

Talib Kweli is an MC who deserves MAD RECOGNITION. He is a true Lyricist, one that is rarely seen. He falls under no category, He is Hip Hop!

Talib Kweli is a master with the pen and his vocabulary is fitting of his many verbal styles. He writes his raps like Poetry; Meter, rhyme, senses. Etc. His metaphors are very witty, causes you to have to think about what he is saying, some songs you might not even understand til a week later. He is highly intelligent. Kweli comes from Brooklyn, New York. Talib has been around for a while and has been seen alongside: Kanye West, Dead Prez, Jay Electronica, J. Cole, Mos Def, Hi-Tek, Common and plenty more!

Today, I wanted to review Quality, first, it's my favorite Kweli Album. Second, it's different! It invokes different moods and settings and themes. But it's ALWAYS Hip Hop. I think Quality is rightfully titled and is a valuable work for Hip Hop.

Keynote Speaker opens the Album, it features Dave Chapelle doing an impersonation of Nelson Mandela. The album is then thrust into full throttle with the hi paced Rush. Rush, attacks your apeakers with beautiful words of making it into the game, fake rappers, writing skills, the music industry and he also speaks of how people view him.

Get By follows it up with a change of pace and adds some flavor to the ride. Get By is a really nice joint and I love this beat and the lyrics, they were made in perfect harmony. Kanye West did the beat.

Shock Body is a nice track, it features a guest vocalist, she sounds beautiful on here and the song is DOPE!

Gun Music... This song touches on deeper subjects, Gun voilence, gun raps, when is it ok to have a gun, when should we really use a gun? TO GET FREEDOM! NEVER TO KILL OUR OWN! He compares his raps to guns, compares guns to rappers. This song is really clever.

Waiting For The DJ is another notable joint, featuring Bilal, it's a cool mashup of different styles.

Joy featuring Mos Def is one of my favorite tracks, it speaks about the Joy of being a father, which I can DEFINITELY relate to, there is no greater feeling in the world!

Talk To You... Sometimes I just put this song on. It's one of those joints you can put on in any mood and it will make you smile. I LOVE IT!!! This gets heavy play from me on the regular.

Guerrilla Monsoon, This song is a BEAST! I love it it features production from Kanye West, and Spitters include: Black Thought, Pharoahe Monch and Talib Kweli. Another GEM.

The album also features DJ Quick, Kendra Ross, Cocoa Brovaz, Res and Novel & Vinia Mojica. The quality of Quality is TOP NOTCH. You never regret a penny spent on this album!


Lyrics= A
Production= A
Replay ability Level= 9.5
Overall= A (A Solid LP!)



This site is DOPE, It features updates, news, music, photos, comments and message boards and everything TALIB KWELI! One Of The greatest MCs of Today!

Go there and Support REAL HIP HOP

PEACE after the WAR!


How Black Power Fell Into Despair

How Black Pride Fell Into Despair. A passionate study and call to arms (of The Mind, that is)!

Good morning, evening and afternoon. I, The Hip Hop Poet, had to sit back and think really hard about this report; I want it to be complete and informative.
Black Pride/Power has been lacking since the early 2000s. But it started long before that! It began with all of our Political Leaders! It started with Marcus Garvey, he was the first to bring the Revolution to the minds of Blacks and Africans.

“Our union must know no clime, boundary, or nationality… let us hold together under all climes and in every country… ” - Marcus Garvey

His teachings invoked within the minds of farm workers and other struggling blacks, the need to rise and think with a godly mind. Black Power was finally born in America; of course there were other attempts before Marcus Garvey, like Nat Turner and Harriet Tubman, to name a couple. But, none stuck like how Marcus Garvey did, Marcus Garvey had a plan and a formula. He was known as the National Hero Of Jamaica and his teaching didn't go unheard of abroad, it gave White folks something to FEAR. And that they did!
So much, did the White man hate with a passion what Marcus Garvey was teaching that he sought out to destroy him before he got too big for his own good -as they would have said it.
Garvey read his own Obituary in the Chicago Defender. Not too long afterward, he was poisoned while traveling on a boat. Almost stopping a whole Revolution. He died June 10, 1940.

Let's fast forward twenty some years to Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. the two brilliant yet very dissimilar minds, were pillars in the black communities of America. Martin developing his ideology and formulas in the Church; while Malcolm developed his in The Nation Of Islam and the immaculate teachings of Elijah Muhammad. Little does most of America know, Martin Luther King Jr. was paid by The Kennedy's (commissioned). Many thought or think, of Martin as a sell out, BUT, Martin was not a sell out nor a punk. He had a very peculiar way of teaching, using the Bible to justify his cause. It just didn't work out too well because he failed to teach the true essence of The Bible, namely, that The Bible contains The Complete History, of Black Israelites. Malcolm X DID teach the fact that we were Israelites, but this went unacknowledged.

Black America was beginning to awaken and to discover who self was. They sang glorious songs of Black Power, they marched and demonstrated their cause against White America and how WE WANTED FREEDOM!

Isn't that what Black Power was all about? Bringing about change in how things worked on the ulterior level of Equality and Peace. Gaining The Freedom needed to be a humble man or woman able to carry out our own business and support our families and educate the children?

Isn't that the essential basics of it all?

Black Power gave us an identity to which we did not have before.

When slaves came to America, Their names and spirituality was stripped away from them. Why?

I will gladly tell you why!

The White man went to Africa, this is all planned in The Bible. God placed a curse on Hebrew Israelites that would see them being scattered all around the nations and countries of the world. They would be torn from their families, brought to lands which we know not, on boats. And the first slaves came to America on a slave ship named Jesus. How do we know that WE are the Israelites? I will show you what The Bible showed me (Mind you the white man forbid Blacks from reading and writing and continuing our own religious and spiritual practices. Namely, he kept us AWAY from the Bible)

1.Slavery and captivity

2. Having no power to stand against their enemies

3. Exiled into the Lands of their enemies

4. Scattered among all Nations

5. A very Sick and disease stricken people

6. At the bottom socially with other races high above them

7. Lost the true Knowledge of who they are, and will be called by many scornful nicknames other than Israel or Hebrew (nigger, coon, monkey, porch monkey, jigga boo, spade, blackie, negro, afro- american, etc...)

8. Packed into Prisons and Jails

9. A Non- Prosperous People

10. An oppressed People by their Enemies

11. Very religious and members of all religions

What does all of this mean to Black Power? It is very easy to understand when examining this list of Attributes. We have always had Black Power and Black Pride, but isn't Pride a Sin? Doesn't Pride go against the established Laws in The Torahs? If so, then why do we cling on to Pride like a child to the breast?

Because, we were never given proper education. Schools can only teach us what they want us to know and you must also understand that School is ran by the same people that run The Prison/Penal system. As slaves, we were kept from Knowledge for so long that many forgot who they were, the most intelligent were feared by the white man and were murdered off and used as examples.
Take a look at a Monarch Butterfly, this butterfly gave man the knowledge of genetics in the sense that these butterflies could pass on Knowledge thru genetics. These butterflies were observed to know their way home without being shown the way! Amazing. And, with this knowledge Genetics was taking to the next level, they used fear to reverse the roles of Black Men and Women. The Woman became the Man and the Man became the Woman, so to say. Willie Lynch issued an order in the form of a training manual on how to breed slaves, keep slaves under check and other heinous techniques and strategies. The White Man has focus in the Mind while the “Negro” was engineered to have focus on The Body. We can still see the effects of this act today.

Let's get back to the destruction... shall we?

COINTELPRO was created by The FBI, Jay Edgar Hoover, one the most racist and self centered men to ever walk the earth, created this FBI division of Counter Intelligence. He wanted Black Power, Black Politics, Black Leaders, GONE. COINTELPRO, kept surveillance on Martin Luther King Jr. Malcolm X, Black Panthers and all known Pro Black Groups and organizations, including Musicians, writers, poets, politicians, revolutionaries, Public Speakers, Celebrities and etc.. It was clear that they hated what these black men and women were doing for their communities. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated before giving what could have been the most important speech of his career. Malcolm X was going to expose the system further than he ever did before he was Assassinated.
Huey P. Newton, leader and co founder of The Black Panthers was Assassinated. Assata Shakur was made a Political Prisoner and eventually became a refugee in Political Asylum in Cuba. A plethora of other well known and achieved leaders were assassinated, imprisoned or silenced. Others had their Characters Assassinated to the point where they were no longer credible in the eyes of the people.
COINTELPRO was the devil!
In the wake of Malcolm X's death a group was born, The Last Poets. This politically centered group of Poets sought out to reawaken the Pro Black Movements. People were often scared to conduct Revolutionary business at this point. But, it was crucial to building something solid to call our own. If we allowed them to silence us EVERYTIME we spoke out, we wouldn't have gotten this far.

Everybody, today is at a standstill since Obama has entered office, they honestly believe we have a true leader in him. BULLSHIT!! Presidents are carefully selected. Obama is a tool, a puppet that works for the Government to serve their purpose and agenda and believe me, IT IS NOT FOR THE PEOPLE!
Media will lead us to believe anything and when we are shown and told a lie enough times, we begin to believe these lies and absurdities that saturate the media and otherwise. Propaganda abounds us, we can not turn on the TV without some ad jumping out at us telling us that we need their services and life is so much harder without it. Do we not understand that everything we NEED we already HAVE?!?!

Gangs sprouted up in the mid 70s in Chicago. These gangs sought out to protect their neighborhoods and communities from Police Terrorism. The COINTELPRO infiltrated these gangs and turned them against themselves just as they did the Panthers and others before them!
Music was reborn with the rise of Hip Hop. Rappers spoke about the problems they faced in their communities. Hip Hop was the golden cow needed to bring the people back together. Hip Hop ushered in new movements and we fought the system with bullets in the form of words. Our guns were pencils and we feed them paper like cyanide in a hollow point. We were armed and Dangerous, a bit too dangerous. Public Enemy said FIGHT THE POWER! And WE DID!!!
But, ole big brother was watching the whole time. Trying to figure out it's plan of action to stop it.
When Hip Hop became a hot commodity, COINTELPRO Agents traded in their badges for a suit and a desk job as Label Execs. Check writers. ETC... They had a strict formula for how Hip Hop would be viewed and played. NO BLACK POWER and NO KNOWLEDGE. Which, brings us to where I began. Black Power died in the early 2000s. Lil Jon was one of the first to FUCK THE MINDS OF THE YOUTH. With Anthems like sweat dripping down my balls. Became the only topics that we would hear and see on Radio and Music Videos. True Artists of Hip Hop were forced Underground and their POWERFUL messages were never to be known by the whole world as they could've been; should've been; would've been.

Why did Black Power fall?
Because of the bitch in you that wont stand up for something so you fall for everything.
Why did Black Power fall?
Because you give honors to retarded artists like Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane and Young Jeezy and you line their pockets with x amount of dollars that go right back into the hands of the Man who fucked us all and stole us from our land!
Why did Black Power fall?
Because Kids today don't give a fuck about principles and rather be dope boys and slap “hoes” and hang on the corner with their pants hanging around their knees.
Why did Black Power fall?
Because you never really cared about yourself or your people to begin with, Life is all about making a buck for you!
You helped destroy the communities as a whole! You gave women the idea that they had to be sluts to make it anywhere in the world. You told children that they weren't worth shit and proved it by not educating them and loving them properly!
You stood by and watched as police brutalized and terrorized neighborhoods. You refuse to pick up a book and you refuse to believe that this system, this Government would never be so harsh as to fuck a whole nation.

You did this!
We did this!
Now we must fight to get it all back. But, remember, Two Bush's and Obama said they will bring in New World Order by 2012. So, How hard will you fight? When will you learn the truth and pass it on to your children? When will you do something about OUR downfall. It takes a Nation!

PEACE after the WAR!


Friday, April 9, 2010

Q&A with LatinaBeatz

I have a special treat for everybody!
Ladies and Gentlemen, Achs, Achowths, Friends and Enemies... I am pleased to bring to you a Q&A session I had the privilege of having with LatinaBeatz. I caught up with her today and was pleased at how kind she was about the interview coming up on short notice. For those of you who have been sleeping under a rock. LatinaBeatz is a North East L.A. raised Promoter/Publicist for the most AUTHENTIC Hip Hoppers of today! Let's get right to it!

Q: Who are you and what do you do for those who have been sleeping on you?

A: I go by LatinaBeatz, I do not make music. I am a Hip Hop Publicist, I do Artist Management & Consultant work, I also have Promotion and Marketing Services

Q: Could you tell us about some of your clients and how your work influences Hip Hop as a whole?

A: I work for Psycho Realm, Immortal Technique, Chino XL, DJ Khalil & his group The New Royales, Diabolic, Danny Diablo and Eric Bobo to name a Few. My contribution to Hip Hop is that I compliment by using my huge following and networks to keep the Culture Alive, if I'm not spreading the talent of Real Hip Hop, I am often showcasing all the Hip Hop shows that go around in the world, It's very important to keep the definition of Hip Hop alive.

Q: Seems like you got a LOT on your shoulders, how does the current situation in hip hop (i.e. all these young cats using hip hop as a hustle before Art) effect what you do, is it harder?

A: Labels is what makes it harder, Mainstream uses the word Hip Hop to Label everything with a "catchy" hook or a Black guy in baggy clothes. It's annoying but makes me work harder to let people know the difference between Hip Hop and Hip POP. To be labeled Hip Hop is a privilege, not a right

Q: I, indeed, can identify with your answer, I notice a lot of cats calling Hip Pop, Hip Hop. Some even go as hard as to say that Rakim and Nas could never outrap a Lil Wayne or a Lil Scrappy... How do you honestly feel about this labeling, does it seem like something went wrong?

A: It happens in everything, like with the Rock Scene, Punk Scene and even the Blue Grass scene, FM Radio and these huge music Labels need to make their "Artists" versatile with their mind numbing music

Q: What are some influences that got you into Hip Hop, how did you fall in love with the art?

A: I fell in love with the music, the education of Hip Hop. I was raised in the middle of the 90's so, I got the end of the "Golden Era": Krs-1, Wu-Tang, Rakim, etc... They used words in a way that to me- as a writer, made me want to spread this music to the masses. As I got older and was given an oppurtunity to utilize my talent and job in the scene I sought out other artists who are now doing the same, injecting education in their music.

Q: What would you tell somebody who wanted to do what you do on a consistent and successful basis?

A: For one, know your industry. Get yourself aquaninted with who does what and why. Being a Female I would advise all other Females not to date anyone in the scene. There are enough Groupies. My name is clean because I am about my business. This has to be your passion first and foremost, leave the popularity and star struck behaviors at home. Be creative and remember to help the scene for the greater cause, not the selfish cause.

Q: Now there is an answer I have nothing but respect for, which brings me to the next question. How do you feel about females like Kat Stacks, who, is currently using videos and blogs to influence other females to do the same thing she did to get her name out there. What would you like EVERY female to know about Self Respect? (my site centers around Revolution and Authentic Hip Hop, Science is always taken and broken down)

A: I believe you teach people how to treat you. My name is clean because I demand respect. I am about my business, I work for the illest in Hip Hop, they trust me with their careers and rep. Groupies dont get that love because they keep their legs open. If you don't have self respect before you get in the scene, you won't have it after. I'm mad cool with my clients but I do not party or interact with them in any manner that crosses the boundaries.

Q: Some real quick Q's before I let you go, are there any upcoming projects from your clients we should look out for? What is today's mind set? and where do you see this industry in 5 - 10 years?

A: Project wise, Immortal Technique is working on a new album, Psycho Realm is in the studio right now working on another group titled album, which is a big deal. Diabolic just released "Liar & a Thief" this week. I work with tons of underground artists trying to make it, I suggest if you want to hear new artist to check out my website .
For the 2nd part of your question:
love what I do, I am dabbling in the Modeling world, Im in a Male dominated insutry so having Gorgeous Females fits. I also plan to publish a couple books and really bring the Hip Hop community into my other passions as an Animal and Human/Planet rights activist.

Q: That's what's up! I can dig it all! Any closing words?

A: I want to thank YOU for allowing me to share my experiences and opinions. We need more people like yourself and your blog to help the culture survive and give people a understanding from different perspectives in the industry.
(I have promo and publicist services for music and business, if they come to me and say you refered them or saw it on your site, I'll give you a cut or a free service for yourself =) )

So ya'll heard it right! If you guys need any work done for your Publicity and promotion and marketing, DO NOT hesitate to get at LatinaBeatz about her services:,,